Momsie’s new huuurrr 👩💁✨😂👌
🏂🏂 wahahahahahhahahaha
This baby is too cute!! I cant even 😱😂🙈❤️ #cutenessoverload
Fleurette genitz 😱😆😅😂😏 #babyniece
Wearing mum’s old vintage from head to toe. She is so neat-handed at storing and collecting her stuffs! 👏👏 btw, Happy Sunday! 🙌 #ootd #wiwt
Cut and style by hk stylist at Mandyko Heritage Salon, Centre Point. Book now! #mandykoheritagesalon #mandyko   (at Mandyko Heritage Salon)
"That’s the thing about the pain. It demands to be felt, pain demands to be felt."  - The Fault in Our Stars.
"Wear your success with pride."  - Damien Gaultere ✨  (at Mandyko Heritage Salon)
🔳🍊✨ have been wearing a lot of monochrome these lately, need to play a little with color, btw tap for details! #wiwt
Asked her to smile and she did this face expression 😬 Fleurette knows how to narcism alr 😚👏💖 Well done, Fleurette! #itaughthersowell #babyniece #qtp2t
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