Baby Fleurette 🌻🌻 #bungagendut #sigendut
👯💕  (at D’Heritage Grand Aston Balai Kota)
Thank you, @ciciltio 👯💋  (at D’Heritage Grand Aston Balai Kota)
Happy sweetest seventeen to the prettiest friend of mine, who has grown so gracefully, @ciciiltio! 💋Happy birthday, sweets! Many many happy returns 🙌💕 On this very special day of yours, i wish all the very best for you, may you grow into a woman who has abundance of strength, courage and wisdom. May all your dreams come true! Never let anything stop you from reaching your dreams okay 👋💪 believe that God has prepared the greatest gift for you, a gift that is waiting to be unwrapped by you! 🎁❤️👐 and i also hope you to be more mature, wise, humble and always puts God first, makes Him your bae and keep rely on Him. God bless you abundantly, sweetheart! 💫 and oh, thank you for being such a very best friend for me (5 years of friendship and still counting!) 👭🙌💕 thank you for every laughter you have shared, including that retarded-seal kinda laugh and thank you for being there when i was on my weakest. I love you more than ever! *smooch* have a wonderful and happiest birthday, Cicil! I cant wait to meet you in Wonderland tonight! 🌈⛅️ See you soon!🙋💃💋❤️ ps: this photo was taken when we were still in jhs1, precisely 5 years ago and look how hard puberty hit us! 💩👊
My not-so-pretty eclair 😅🍫🍓 this was my very first time making eclairs and surprisingly they turned out good enough! (I thought i would fail) So, i guess i didn’t fail on my “first attempt” again? 💁 ahahahha hope i can do better next time! 💪🙌
Peplum with peplum? 💭
This was my first attempt making fruit pie and aha i didnt fail at all 💁🙌👏💃 ahahahahhahaa *excites*
Safe flight and good luck, @ellachynthia! 🙋🙌👋💕 be a good girl okay, thank you for being such good friend! See you when i see you, Ellaaaa 😚😘 *hugs and kisses* #shamelessmirrorselfie

This is soooooo good 😁👍👏❤️ (at Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant)

This is sooooo good 😁👍👏  (at Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant)
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